World book week and Readathon 2013

World book week at Edmonton County School

Congratulations to Year 7 students for raising at least £593.92 as of 12th March – there is still money coming in from their sponsored Readathon last week. Students wore their pyjamas and got comfortable in the libraries for an hour’s reading. They worked hard to get so many sponsors and we are really proud of them. Most importantly we are so pleased to see them enjoying reading. A big thank you to Mrs C Harvey and Mrs S Adams for their organisation of this event. See below for a more detailed account of the day.

Student leaders interviewed staff about their favourite books during the week and staff read with students in the library.

Please encourage your child to read for pleasure.

Miss M.Panayi

Assistant Headteacher

Readathon 2013 

Back in February, I read an article about READATHON, the UK’s national sponsored reading event which encourages children to read for pleasure, while raising money for seriously ill children. As school Library Managers, Mrs Adams and I loved the idea and, after getting more information and speaking to the English department, the idea took shape with thoughts of the children bringing in pyjamas, blankets and pillows to make themselves cosy and providing a drink and a few snacks to eat while reading.

The logistics with senior teachers were worked out and it was decided to run this in the week of World Book Day (7th March this year). Each Year 7 class was brought down to the library for their hour of reading, and all students settled down to silent reading. It was a real pleasure! Bury students collected £269.72 and Cambridge students collected £324.20. This is a fabulous achievement – all money raised will go to charities such as CLIC Sargent, Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity and ReadWell.

“I think the Readathon was really good fun and it encouraged Year 7s to read more after the event. I enjoyed it a lot and read new books. Thumbs up to the Readathon.” – Zaina Ali

“I think the Readathon was really fun because it was quite peaceful and I enjoyed the books.” – Zilan Akgul

Mrs C Harvey & Mrs S Adams 

Library Managers, Cambridge and Bury Campuses