Our Partners

We are proud to be a community-based Academy Trust and list the following as strategic partners at local and national levels.

We are proud to serve the communities of Edmonton and Enfield.

We work with the London Borough of Enfield on a range of issues and projects.

LBE has commissioned places at Salmon’s Brook School

The Education and Skills funding Agency (ESFA) is our funding body.

We work with ESFA on matters affecting the funding of the Academy Trust

Our Trust is a group of state-maintained independent schools.

We work with the DfE on the development and delivery of education policy

Dr Tranter serves on a number of working groups at the DfE.

The Children’s Commissioner speaks up for children and young people so that policymakers and the people who have an impact on their lives take their views and interests into account when making decisions about them.

Clore Duffield Foundation is a registered charity that has been distributing funds to charities since 1964. Founded by Sir Charles Clore, the Foundation is now chaired by his daughter, Dame Vivien Duffield.

Clore Duffield Foundation is supporting the development of arts at Salmon’s Brook School.

The Mayor of London sets the budget and is responsible for making London a better place for everyone who visits, lives, or works in the city. 

Print4UK are our partners for corporate stationery.

Microsoft provides pro bono support to our IT services.

The Chair of the Board of members, Salih Suavi is an employee of Microsoft.

Ms Justine McLennan, a Member, is an employee of Microsoft.

EdAcT works with the Jack Petchey Foundation and supports its aims to inspire and motivate young people across London and Essex to do their best and reach their full potential.