Our History

Edmonton County School was founded in 1919.

The school has gone by the following names over the years:

  • Edmonton Central School
  • Edmonton County Secondary School
  • Edmonton County Grammar School
  • Edmonton School
  • Edmonton County School

Edmonton County has operated as a Grammar school, Secondary School and in 2014 we opened a primary phase to our school, and this brought about Edmonton County as an ‘all-through’ school teaching children from ages4-18.

The school can also be considered as a successor to Rowantree Secondary Modern, itself opened as a replacement for Raglan Secondary Modern and Croyland Secondary Modern.

This photograph is from 1941 and clearly shows the Cambridge Campus, much as it looks today.

Lea Valley Academy

The school was founded in 1977 as Bullsmoor School, a purpose-built comprehensive school. It was later renamed Lea Valley High.

Lea Valley High School became the first specialist sports college in Enfield in September 2002. The school was re-built in 2003 and work was finished in 2006.

Lea Valley Academy joined EdAcT in October 2019.


Edmonton County Primary School

The Primary school was opened in September 2014 to children of Reception age. Due to pressure on school places, shortly after, we welcomed children into year 1. In 2020 the first group of children from our primary school progressed to the secondary school.

The school is led by Mrs Erini Franciosa, the inaugural Head of the primary school.

Salmon’s Brook School (Special)

In 2018 we were granted permission by the Secretary of State for Education to open a Free Special School. The new school will be called Salmon’s Brook School and the new school will open in September 2022.

The school will be led by Mr Andrew Lloyd, the inaugural headteacher of this brand-new school.

EdAcT Children’s Centre

The EdAcT Children’s centre is planned to open in September 2022. It will provide a base for the therapeutic services including our in-house Educational Psychologist, Dr Jack Upton.