The Duke of Edinburgh Award


What is The Duke of Edinburgh Award?

Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) is a programme with real adventures from beginning to end. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. You just need to be aged between 14 and 25 and realise there’s more to life than sitting on a sofa watching life pass you by. There are three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Currently we are doing Bronze which includes doing four sections: volunteering, physical, skill (one for six months, two for three months) and expedition (two days, one night of camping). During the expedition days you need to walk a distance of at least 10km or walk for at least 6 hours, complete your group aim and meet the expectations of your assessors in order to pass. Following this, you need to make a presentation. If you are reading this and are in Year 9 take it from us you will be left with a lifetime experience, skills and amazing memories if you do DofE.

Why should people do DofE?

Personally we think that it was a long and hard experience which we will do again and again because at the end it was all worth it. But we need to warn you if you want to do DofE you need to make sure you are truly committed because there will be hard moments along the way where you will want to give up and in those moments you need to remind yourself why you are doing it. Overall DofE is one of the best experiences we have ever had and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Ralitsa & Iliriana

DofE is like a coconut, it takes effort to open it but it’s all worth it at the end! Rali

It’s an opportunity to find yourself and gives you the chance to gain skills you can use in the future. Jamelie

We all have become much more confident, which means we can go on and do many things! Frankie

We learnt things that we never thought we’d learn. This was a great opportunity that we are all thankful for. Pritannia


2015-2016 ECS Bronze DofE Group:

  • Joycelyn Boateng
  • Jade Dawkins
  • Litia Peters
  • Caitlan Harrington
  • Jade Constant
  • Keeley Allsop
  • Tina Braithwaite
  • Canan Ahmet
  • Chelsea Butt
  • Matthew Dawkins
  • Harry Kleanthous
  • Lauren Whitear
  • Nadia Ali
  • Saffron Jarrett
  • Lilly-Mae Ward


2014-2015 ECS Bronze DofE Group:

  • Priscilla Alamezie
  • Francesca Asantewah
  • Ralitsa Balkanska
  • Raissa Bosamba
  • Prittannia Campbell
  • Naomi Chan-Amstrong
  • Stefannia Christodoulou
  • Katie Harrold
  • Sara Hodaj
  • Leila Ince-McDowell
  • Jamelie Isako
  • Piraveenan Kirupakaran
  • Iliriana Lleshi
  • Tehillah Mangani
  • Khadija Rahman
  • Cansu Yilmaz


If you are interested in taking part in the DofE award, email me at

Miss Pottinger

DofE Co-ordinator

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