First day back to school

Reminders for the Start of the New School Year

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all students and parents/carers a restful and well deserved summer break and to detail arrangements for the start of the new term.

First Day Back for Students – Friday 4th September 2015

There will be a staggered start for all students as outlined below. The focus of the day will be to ensure that all students are ready, organised and prepared for the year ahead so it is vitally important that your child attends on time, is correctly equipped for learning and wearing the correct uniform smartly. Any child absent will be expected to remain in school up until 4pm on their first day back to school to ensure that all induction/registration procedures have been successfully completed.


Arrival Time






1.15 – 2.00pm




Not available – students should eat before coming to school




Not available – students should eat before coming to school

6th Form

Students will be given individual times for enrolment from 11am onwards and will be dismissed approximately 1 hour later. Venue: Bury Sports Hall.

Not available – students should eat before coming to school

Please note any students in incorrect uniform, without full equipment or late will be detained and issued with a letter informing of consequences if not correctly dressed on Monday 7th Sep 2015

Uniform updates

(School Uniform Page)
The school uniform list has been amended and the updated list can be found on the school website. It is really important that when making purchases for the new term parents consult this list to ensure that non-uniform items are not purchased in error. I would like to draw your attention to a number of key points (these have already been shared with students this term):

  • Shoes should be plain, smart and black. High heeled shoes, boots, trainers, canvas shoes and sports shoes are not permitted. This means that plain black ‘converses’, ‘vans’, ‘airforces’ and other similar style shoes are not allowed.
  • Outdoor coats should be plain black or blue and must be long sleeved. This means dark green or grey coats are not allowed nor are coats with any visible sports branding.
  • Ties should be worn with the crest visible below the knot to ensure it is of the appropriate length
  • Kilts should be knee length and never worn rolled up around the waist
  • Trousers should be black, tailored and loose fitting. This means black jeans, jeggings, leggings and other similar tight fitting trousers should not be worn.
  • If a belt is worn it should be plain black, navy blue or leather  with a plain buckle

Equipment updates

All students are required to bring a pen, a pencil, a ruler (min. 15cm), whiteboard pen, pencil case, reading book and their planner in a bag large enough to carry an A4 book to all lessons. If sports equipment (e.g. football, basketball) is brought into school it must be carried in a suitable bag.

Electronic equipment is a distraction and is not required for learning e.g. mobile phones, mp3 players, headsets and hand held games consoles. If brought to school these should not be seen and switched off within the school grounds at all times. If seen or heard by a member staff the rule at our school is that the student will be required to hand it to the member of staff and the confiscation rules outlined in the Behaviour for Learning policy followed.

Updated procedures for students arriving late to school

At ECS all its members are required to be punctual so as to ensure their own learning begins promptly and so they don’t disrupt others learning through lateness. The school day begins at 8.30am and students are required to be on site by 8.25am. The school gates will be closed at 8.30am and any student arriving after this time will be met by student managers on the gate and will be marked as late in the am register on SIMs.  Students who are late to school will be required to attend a ½ hr daily campus detention at the end of the school day. Parents will be notified by text if their child has arrived late to school.

Updated procedures for students not meeting behaviour expectations

Following an extensive review of the Behaviour for Learning Policy (this can be accessed on the school website) any students receiving a class point score of 8 or 9 (representing poor behaviour) will be required to attend the daily campus detention at the end of the school day. Students receiving multiple scores of 8 or 9 (or late to school) may be kept up to 45 minutes on the day. Lists of students being detained will be given to reception staff so that if parents are unsure of the whereabouts of their child they can ring reception to see if they are being detained.

Rewards and praise

I am pleased to say that the vast majority of students will not be affected by the two procedure updates outlined above as they are always on time to school and always meet class expectations. We wish to recognise more widely the achievements of our students and so will be introducing a new reward system in September. We are currently recruiting Vivo champions from among the student body and these pupils will be responsible for ensuring the new system is rolled-out and embedded amongst staff, students and parents – so look out for more details to follow in September.

If parents have any questions or queries regarding any of the above then please do not hesitate to contact your child’s student manager for further clarification.

Ms M Baldwin

Deputy Headteacher

ECS Sports Day

ECS sports day is Tuesday 21 July on Bury Campus for all students.

It starts at 8.30am and finishes at 1.30pm when all students will be dismissed.

Lunch will not be served but FSM grab bags will be available at break as will food to purchase.

The Study Zone

30th March – 3rd April 2015

10am to 1pm at the Cambridge and Bury Campus Canteens.

All Year 11 Students Welcome.

  • 10am Independent Silent Study
  • 10.55am Break
  • 11.10am Study session 2
  • 11.55am Break
  • 12.10pm Study session 3
  • 1pm Dismissed

Terms and Conditions

1. Students attending are required to bring their own revision material and a personal revision plan for the session.
2. Lanyard and ID needed but no phones or electronic equipment are allowed.
3. Refreshments provided.
4. Free cinema ticket provided to students who successfully complete 3 sessions.
5. All attendees are expected to be focused on their work at the allotted times, students who are not will be asked to leave.

Pathways to Success Evening

Our Pathways to Success Evening is on Thursday 15th January at 7pm – 8 pm over at the Cambridge Campus Hall.

The evening is designed to provide our 15-19 year old students with information on the many and varied career opportunities available to them.

We will be joined on the evening by a variety of experienced people who work in the following areas: Architecture, Graphic Design, Journalism, Film Special Effects and Editing, Surveying and Recruitment.

Back to School Wednesday 7th January 2015

Term ends at 12.15pm on Friday 19 December 2014. The staff have a training day on Tuesday 6 January 2015 and students are expected to return for 8.30am on Wednesday 7 January 2015.

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