Year 10 work experience

So far only about 50 students on each campus have found a placement. Are you one of those? If not, this is another call to ‘get out there’ and actively seek a placement over this weekend. Look further afield, network through friends, family and neighbours. Think retail, garden centres, accountants, offices, garages where you have your family car serviced….. Remember to ask to speak to someone who is in charge of Work Experience so that you get proper attention. Good luck!

Mrs M Smith & Ms L Charlton

IAG Coordinator & IAG Advisor

Notice about Year 10 Work Experience

Advance notice!!

As parents are probably aware, during Year 10 all students at Edmonton County are required to complete a fortnight of Work Experience.  In 2014 this is scheduled for 30th June to 11th July 2014.

It is preferable for students to find placements for themselves- these are known as Private Placements. Parents should ensure that the employer is reputable and has the correct employer’s liability insurance. Ideally, the placement should last the full two weeks.

Since other schools in the borough will be doing their Work Experience during the same time there will be a high demand for places in 2014 so we urge parents and students to begin looking for a placement as soon as possible. 

Further information will be given to your child soon.

Work experience for Year 10 students


All year 10 students are required to do two weeks of Work Experience during the summer term.

This year the dates are 1st-12th July.

Students are encouraged to find their own placement with a company, either through contacts via friends and family, or by visiting organisations to find out if any opportunities exist. Once a placement has been arranged, the Borough Work Experience team organise Health and Safety checks and the students arrange an interview with their employer.

To avoid competition with other students also looking for placements, try to look outside the immediate area. If you are prepared to travel up to town, there will be more opportunities with larger companies, and your experience will be richer.

Year 10 Work Experience

It’s important for year 10 students to be seeking a placement for their work experience, which will take place from 25th June to 6th July 2012.

The final deadline for submitting private placement forms is Friday 3rd February 2012 so time is now short.

Please encourage your son/ daughter to make it a priority to find a placement and hand in their completed form.

Many thanks for your support with this important landmark in the students’ learning.

Mrs S Hughes
Work Experience Co-ordinator

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