New website and web safety

Many people have commented on our new website that was launched over the weekend. We will be filling the website with more information as the weeks and months continue. We hope that you will find it a helpful and fulsome site for all school information.

We have also launched a ‘Twitter’ account #edmontoncs. If you look on the website footer you will see our ‘Tweets’ from the school. We are going to use the Twitter service to send out various pieces of information and updates. So, I encourage you to set your phone to receive tweets from us!

We have spoken to students about how they use social networking sites. The sharing of photographs is particularly problematic; students are innocently sending photographs to one another, who then pass it to someone else and before long it is on Facebook or shared with a larger group than the individual intended. Please be aware that once a photograph is sent to someone else, you no longer has any control at all over what happens to it. We are concerned that some students do not have the privacy settings on Facebook set to the highest level; this is essential for you to be protected online. If you need advice on how to do this, please contact your student manager.