Behaviour for Learning Reminders

I am pleased to inform you that since introducing a number of new procedures and expectations this half term we have positive evidence that they are having an impact here at ECS.

Uniform updates

Most students are wearing their uniform smartly and seldom need to be reminded about expectations which is great news. For those parents/carers planning uniform purchases over the half term break the school uniform list can be found on the school website. I would like to draw your attention to a number of key points (these have already been shared with students this term):

  • Shoes should be plain, smart and black. High heeled shoes, boots, trainers, canvas shoes and sports shoes are not permitted. This means that plain black ‘converses’, ‘vans’, ‘airforces’ and other similar style shoes are not allowed.
  • Outdoor coats should be plain black or blue and must be long sleeved. This means dark green or grey coats are not allowed nor are coats with any visible sports branding.
  • Trousers should be black, tailored and loose fitting. This means black jeans, jeggings, leggings and other similar tight fitting trousers should not be worn.


I am delighted to report that our new policy for students that are not punctual to school is really making a difference. As the chart below shows the number of ‘lates’ to school has been reduced by over a third since the start of term. We do however want to reduce this figure even more and urge all parents/carers to ensure their child is on site by 8.25am to ensure a prompt start when the first bell goes at 8.30am.

We have noticed that there are more students late to school on Monday than any other day of the week and will be introducing measures after half term to address this.


Rewards and Praise

As I am sure many of you are aware we have introduced a new reward system in school that allows us to recognise more widely the achievements of our students. All students have now been introduced to the online system by their form tutor and are being encouraged to log on to Vivo edge or download the vivo app to a smartphone or tablet.

They can also check their position in their class or phase and see how many Vivo points their house have been awarded. All students can earn Vivos for excellent attendance and punctuality; high weekly totals of class points; smart uniform; being fully prepared for learning; for contribution to school life and for other achievements as publicised in school.

Vivos can then be exchanged for a range of items from the Vivo online shop; can be donated to a house charity or swapped for in school prizes such as raffle tickets and school visits and trips. Parents can also view their child’s Vivo account and see how many Vivos they have been rewarded and what categories these are for.

We will be emailing and texting all parents with details of the username and password they should use if they would like to access their child’s account. The adoption of Vivo allows the school, students and parents to have access to a wide range of reward data. Below you will see the current status of the house Vivo point competition. It is incredibly close and has been changing on a weekly basis!

House No. of Vivos Position
Neptune 17661 1st
Jupiter 17357 2nd
Saturn 17303 3rd
Mercury 16885 4th

Ms M Baldwin
Deputy Headteacher

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Summer Uniform

Now we are in the Summer Term, hopefully we will continue to have some warmer weather!

This term during warmer weather, students may go without their blazer on if its too hot. Please see below for clarification.

Mr S Kinson

Deputy Headteacher

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