A Level & GCSE Art, Photography and Textiles Show

Edmonton County School Presents

A-Level & GCSE Art, Photography & Textiles Show
Musical Performance Evening

When: Thursday 27th June 2013
Where: Cambridge Campus
Time: 4.00pm – 6.00pm – School Gym

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Year 11 photograph

The Year 11 photograph will be taken on Monday 22nd April at 3pm. 

Make sure you are dressed in full uniform and looking your best!

Sixth Form Art and Photography Trip to Venice

Sixth Form Art and Photography Trip to Venice – Monday 18th – Thursday 21st February 2013

The Venice Art and Photography trip had been a year in the making.

It was hard to believe that we were finally on our way to the sinking city as we met up at the Cambridge campus. But we knew we were in for a special experience as our party, 41 sixth formers and 4 staff, boarded a Vaporetta (water taxi) to take us down the Grand Canal before our guides escorted us through winding streets, up steps and over bridges to our home for the next three nights, the Hotel Alla Salute.

The hotel had tall grand ceilings, was typically medieval in its design, near the Peggy Guggenheim museum and we could see St Mark’s Square across the canal. So, the location was perfect. Once we had checked into our rooms we walked to Brek, our designated restaurant. This was less well located, and our 40 minutes walk to it every night came to be known as the ‘Trek to Brek’, coined by Lauren Young. However, the walk took us along beautiful squares and past the famous Rialto Bridge, and it was good to be able to sit down as a group every night.

Gallery: Click images to view larger image.

The next day we visited the St Mark’s Square where we were able to take beautiful photographs of the basilica and the grand square. Despite the weather being cold, the sky was blue and the sun was out. The photographers were able to capture the medieval and gothic architecture for their exam questions, such as ‘Contrasts’. The art students were able to pick out winged lions (the symbol of Venice) for their ‘Fabulous Beasts’ question.

Our first visit was to the Doge’s Palace, once the home of the ruler of Venice and the seat of power for the Venetian Republic. Now it is a museum and we were able to see paintings by Titian and Giovanni Bellini and frescoes by Tintoretto and Veronese. We were also able to experience the prison cells in the dungeons of the palace. AS Art students who chose ‘Heroic Figures’ for their exam question were able to photograph the armour and make sketches of the battles that were played out on the walls. For lunch we went in groups to sample the local food, buy Venetian masks and eat the famous Italian ice cream, despite it being February.

Some of us took a gondola boat ride. Others bought birdseeds and were soon covered with pigeons. Our next stop was a visit to a commercial contemporary art gallery called Galleria Michaela Rizzo. We were the first ever school group to visit this gallery and they were excited that we had come all the way from London. This gallery was showing the work of two young Venetian artists. The gallery worker gave us an eloquent talk on the ideals behind the artists. The work by Sandro Mele entitled ‘The American Brothers’ dealt with the Fiat car workers and their union ‘s fight to keep their jobs. The line drawings by Mathew Attard showed the students that drawings could be shown as 3D pieces and have multi-faceted angles to them.

We then visited the Jarach gallery, another contemporary commercial art gallery, which had also never had a school group visit it. On display were black and white photographs that used multiple negatives to create the final image. The Simone Bergatini charcoal skeleton drawings were particularly impressive.

The following day our first visit was to the Punta della Dogana displaying contemporary work by famous artists such as Sigmar Polke and Jeff Koons. This was probably the most popular gallery of the trip, as the work really asked questions of its audience. Mr Barrett’s non-art group were set the task of writing a review of a piece of work. Ms Shilvock’s photography group went about photographing the work for their various exam questions. Mrs Christou and Mrs Jimenez Art and Textiles groups made sketches of works of art that were relevant to their chosen question. Nura Ali found the large-scale sculpture of two spoons interesting for her ‘Relationships’ question as the piece was entitled ‘Spooning’. The Charles Ray sculpture of a boy who is teasing a frog stands out at the front of the museum. We had interesting discussions as to the link between Michelangelo’s ‘David’ and how an action is caught in time.

The next gallery was the Peggy Guggenheim Museum that houses Modern Art from the 20th Century beautifully displayed in her former home. We saw major works of Cubism, Futurism, Abstract Art and Surrealism by some of the greatest artists. The students particularly enjoyed making a wish on a luggage label and attaching it to Yoko Ono’s wishing tree.

The final gallery of the day and the trip was at the Galleria Dell’ Accademia. Here we made sketches of work that ranged from the 14th to mid 16th Century (The Renaissance). We focussed on the Miracle of the Cross at the Bridge of S. Lorenzo – Bellini (c.1500) and the vast painting of Christ in the House of Levi – Veronese (1573). We all agreed that we had seen a good range of art to fit everyone’s tastes and ranges of exam questions.

The following day we just had time to visit a few more Venetian markets before a (fortunately) uneventful flight home.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Art and Photography teachers Ms Shilvock and Mrs Christou for their help and support on the trip.

Thank you to Mr. Barrett for navigating us to every gallery and for motivating the non-artists in the galleries. Here are a few of the comments, which make such trips worthwhile:

‘Honestly the best experience of my life, thank you for giving us this opportunity’ – Michael Collins

‘Thank you so much for everything. The trip was great thanks to you and the other teachers. It was amazing’ – Rebecca Collins

‘Thank you so much for a wonderful trip. It will be something I will always remember. Well done with the hotel and everything. I had a blast and I hope you did to.’ – Patience Kubi

‘The way the artists presented their work was a real inspiration to me as an artist and photographer’ – Andrew Davis

‘The 3D aspects of the art work in the gallery will help to inspire my Textiles project’ – Hannah Taylor

Mrs S Jimenez
Head of Art
Expressive Arts Faculty

Year 11 Photograph

On Monday 21st May at 3pm the Year 11 cohort will be having their photograph taken.

This year the photo will be taken on the Bury campus.

Teachers of Year 11 on that day will bring their classes to the Bury playground for 2.55pm, where the students will be asked to line up.

The students will be dismissed as soon as the picture is taken, which should be no later than 3.30pm. Students will be expected to wear full uniform.

Mr M Greenwood

Assistant Headteacher

Photographer Richard Ash visits ECS

Richard Ash, professional Photographer, visits Edmonton County Expressive Arts Facility


On the 23rd February a workshop organised by Ms Jimenez Head of Art was held at Cambridge campus.

The year 12 and 13 A level photography students and the gifted and talented year 10& 11 photography students attended the practical photography workshop presented by professional photographer Richard Ash from the Imperial War Museum www.richardashphotography.co.uk

The students attended a whole day of activities to improve their camera handling, lighting effects and Photoshop techniques. All students took part in photographic instructed tasks to help improve their photography and their understanding of the DSLR cameras .

They also had an opportunity to see the work of a professional photographer and ask him questions about his work and experience. The day was a great success and the students produced some improve pieces of photographic work. Well done to all the students and teachers that took part.

The following photographs are taken by the students at the workshop:

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