Academy Status Update

Dear parents and carers,

you may be aware that the current Government has a policy that all schools should become academies. This means that the school is free from Local Authority control and has all of the money allocated to it by central government.

You may also be aware that schools across the country, and particularly in London, are facing very significant budgetary challenges because the amount of money they get has been significantly cut. All of the headteachers of Enfield secondary schools have met with local MPs to outline their concerns.

Please take the time to download the following two documents and read them carefully:

Letter regarding Academy Status (2 December 2015)

Governing Body Notes (14th January 2016)


Wishing you all a peaceful and joyous festive period

Dear Parents and Carers,

The autumn term draws to a close. On behalf of the staff and governors of Edmonton County school I would like to wish you all a peaceful and joyous festive period.

Next term we welcome Mrs Mahmuda Hasnath-Karim to our Leadership Team.

Mrs Hasnath-Karim will be responsible for all aspects of inclusion and special educational needs. We also welcome a new member of the design department, Mr Mario Stavrinou, who will be teaching product design. Joining the science department are Mrs Tazkia Rahman and Ms Marcella Otero. We bid farewell to Ms Sade Fayodeka who will be continuing her career at Heartlands School in Haringey. We also say goodbye to Mr Russell Dean, Mr Alexander Pyke and Mrs Sarah Rixson. These three colleagues have been with us a very short time but we thank them for their contribution to our school. Next term we welcome Ms Emily Hilliker

returning from her maternity leave. Ms Hilliker will be Head of Middle Phase on Cambridge Campus.

I am sure that like me, you have been saddened and concerned at the recent rise in serious youth violence in our area. With the party season in full swing, the Metropolitan Police have issued some advice. Their letter is enclosed.

Hopefully we will all be able to enjoy a safe and fun time- but a few words with our children

will not be wasted.

Term ends at 12.15pm on Friday 19 December 2014. The staff have a training day on Tuesday 6 January 2015 and students are expected to return for 8.30am on Wednesday 7 January 2015.

Yours sincerely,

Dr S M Tranter

Executive Headteacher

Executive Headteacher Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the staff and governors of Edmonton Community School to welcome you to our website.

ECS is an 4-18 mixed, community, comprehensive school serving the communities of Enfield and Edmonton.

We are a dual campus school and our school has a long history of providing a high quality education to the children in the Borough of Enfield. We have high -calibre staff working as teachers and the wider-workforce. We share an aim that Learning and Achievement are for everyone. We want to create success and for every member of the ECS community to enjoy the rewards. The primary phase of our school is located on the Bury Campus.

The governors, staff and myself share a passionate commitment to meeting the varied individual needs of all our students, in order to ensure they leave ECS with the best possible academic qualifications. We want them to enjoy every aspect of their learning and we want them to develop as individuals, so that they leave us as confident and socially responsible young people who are well equipped to contribute to society and enjoy success in whichever field they choose for themselves.

We are enjoying increasingly high standards of academic achievement. Our GCSE results put us in the top 10% of similar schools across the country. We are ambitious to do even better and we are continually looking for ways to raise the level of achievement of our students. We pride ourselves on being a learning community in which every one of us, pupils and staff, reflects continually on how well we perform and seek ways to do things better.

Our school is a calm orderly place. We expect high standards of behaviour and presentation. We expect students to arrive punctually for class, to go to their appointed seat, remove their coats (and gloves and scarves etc.) and get out their books and equipment ready for learning. At all times students should respect everyone’s right to learn and there must be no disruption to learning as the time we have is too precious.
I am sure that you will agree with me that your child’s education is the most important outcome of their time at school. There are three behaviours that are completely unacceptable: physical violence, verbal abuse and, anti-social behaviour in the school and in the community. This means that we expect students to behave well both in school and when travelling to and from school. When they wear the school uniform they represent ECS and so it should be done with pride and a sense of loyalty to the school.

Education is the means for us to change our lives for better. A good education gives us the chance to live longer, enjoy success, create life chances, provide for a family and much much more. I am confident every parent and carer wants these for their child.

For visitors, our brochure and website aim to introduce you to life at ECS, but there can be no substitute for a visit to our school. We look forward to showing you the school and answering any queries you may have. Please contact us for an appointment.

The aim of this website is to provide our community with information about our school; if you have suggestions about how it can be improved, please let us know.

Yours Sincerely
Dr Susan Tranter
Executive Headteacher

2013-2014 Term Times

This term concludes on Wednesday 24 July 2013.

We have set the dates for the school year 2013-14 and these are:

Autumn Term 2013

First day of term: Monday 2 September
Half term: Monday 28 October – Friday 1 November
Last day of term: Thursday 19 December

Spring Term 2014

First day of term: Monday 6 January
Half term: Monday 17 – Friday 21 February
Last Day of term: Friday 4 April

Summer Term 2014

First day of term: Tuesday 22 April
May bank holiday: Monday 5 May
Half term: Monday 26 – Friday 30 May
Last day of term: Wednesday 23 July

Staff Professional Development Days

Monday 2 September 2013
Tuesday 3 September 2013
Friday 22 November 2013
Monday 6 January 2014
Thursday 27 March 2014

I take this opportunity to remind parents that in line with LBE policy, we do not approve absence for holidays. However, if there is a family emergency that means you need to go abroad and you need to take your children, please contact us as soon as possible in order that we can arrange work to be set so that the disruption to your child’s education is minimised.

Dr S Tranter

Letter from the Headteacher

Dear parents and carers

The half-term concludes and there is chance to pause before the final part of the school year.

Year 11, 12 and 13 are busy preparing for important final examinations and we wish them well. For our Year 13 students, there will be mixed feelings as they start to think about the next phase in their lives as undergraduates at Universities around the country. That’s an exciting prospect but leaving your friends and all that is familiar behind can be daunting. We wish them well and hope that they will look back fondly on their time at our school and keep in touch so that we can share in the successes they will hopefully enjoy.

We bid farewell to Ms Iolanthe Rodman who has been Deputy Head of Science since September 2003 who is leaving to take up a post at Broomfield School. Ms Rodman is a dedicated teacher who has served the school with loyalty and provided individuals with much support. We also say goodbye to Mr Gary Bulleyment who is leaving us for a promotion to Langdon Park School. He has been a very significant member of the PE Faculty, helping students to achieve outstanding results. We wish him very well and thank him for his dedication to student achievement and acting as a positive sporting role model to the students. Earlier this term Ms Badman commenced her maternity leave- no news yet!

Term recommences on Monday 3 June 2013.

Best wishes

Dr S Tranter 


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