Educating our Community for Success

Do you know how well our children and young people are doing in Enfield schools?

Two out of every three pupils gaining five or more GCSEs, at grade C or above, last year – and a pass rate of 98.2% at A- level. Or that Enfield continues to supply more students to top universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge, than any other London borough, bar one.

We think these are excellent achievements, which reflect the exceptional work of our schools and teaching staff, as well as the students themselves – and is something that we want to acknowledge and celebrate through this magazine and our SUCCEED campaign.

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The Study Zone

30th March – 3rd April 2015

10am to 1pm at the Cambridge and Bury Campus Canteens.

All Year 11 Students Welcome.

  • 10am Independent Silent Study
  • 10.55am Break
  • 11.10am Study session 2
  • 11.55am Break
  • 12.10pm Study session 3
  • 1pm Dismissed

Terms and Conditions

1. Students attending are required to bring their own revision material and a personal revision plan for the session.
2. Lanyard and ID needed but no phones or electronic equipment are allowed.
3. Refreshments provided.
4. Free cinema ticket provided to students who successfully complete 3 sessions.
5. All attendees are expected to be focused on their work at the allotted times, students who are not will be asked to leave.

Celebrating the success of our students


Celebrating 65% 5+ A* – C

(including English and Maths)

Celebrating 95% 5+ A* – C

End of Year Examinations for Years 7 – 10

End of Year Examinations for Years 7 – 10

There will be exams for most subjects spread over a two week period: 24th June – 5th July with a small number of practical exams during class time. Due to Year 10 going on work experience on the week commencing 1st July, they will be sitting their exams between 19th – 28th June.

Students will be attending lessons as normal when not sitting an exam.

Students will receive their timetables after half term, a general timetable will also be published in the newsletter and put on the school website.


  •  Make sure you check your timetable for the time of your exam (line up in the playground 15 minutes beforehand) and bring what you need for the exam.
  •  Full school uniform needs to be worn, with IDs placed on the exam desk.
  •  Make sure you understand the rules.

You must not take into the exam room:

  •  notes;
  •  A calculator case/instruction leaflet;
  •  A reading pen;
  •  A mobile phone, iPod, MP3/4 player, a wrist watch which has a data storage device or any other product with text/digital facilities.
  •  Any pencil cases taken into the exam room must be see-through and water bottles must have all labels removed.

Listen to the invigilators and follow their instructions during the exam.

Ms G Boniface
Examinations Officer

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