Key Stage 5 Co-Ordinator: Miss K Steers


Sociology A level is a course that enables students to progress academically, cultivate a passion for understanding the social world, and gain valuable skills for life. It is aimed to challenge thinking and widen your horizons and can lead to the study of Sociology at university and will develop skills for job sectors such as social services, education and the criminal justice system.


Students learn about the society in which we live and the way people interact in different circumstances.  Sociology allows students to explore social behaviour in major areas of life in modern society e.g. Family, Crime, Education. If GCSE Sociology taken, at least Level  5 is required. GCSE English and/or R&L Level 5 min. The A-level examinations require short mark answers as well as essay-writing skills.  A-level Sociology leads to the study of Sociology at university and develops skills for job sectors such as social services, education, criminal justice. In year 12 Sociology students will study two compulsory topics- ‘Education’, and ‘Sociological Research Methods’. Students will

also apply their knowledge of research methods in a sociological context of education known as ‘Methods in context’. In year 12 students will study an additional topic chosen from a series of options- ‘Families and Households’. The A-level course will offer two compulsory topics of ‘Crime and Deviance’ and ‘Sociological Theories’ in the context of Education and a chosen optional topic of ‘Beliefs in Society’.


Sociology A-level comprises of three 2 hour examinations of equal weighting- 80 marks per paper. One of the exam papers will be based solely on extended writing, and two of the papers will include both short answer questions and extended writing.