EPQ Project

The Extended Project qualification is assessed by AQA. It is an independent project that as you can take alongside other A Level, As or BTECS’s, and is the equivalent to half an A Level. It is suitable for students who are interested in problem-solving, designing, managing and realising projects. Students taking this course should enjoy taking responsibility for their own learning showing initiative, creativity and enterprise.

Key Stage 5 Co-Ordinator: 

Miss K Steers


The Extended Project requires students to carry out a research project on a topic of their choice. This is often developed and extended from one or more of the learner’s study areas or from an area of personal interest outside of subjects of study. EPQ students will then formulate a specific research question based on this topic that they wish to investigate the answer to. Regular meetings will be held with their EPQ supervisor who will guide students through their project from the formulation of their topic question, research into this question and the write-up of the project itself. The course will also focus on how to correctly reference sources and will explore how to select appropriate resources to use in research. Students will be assessed through their completed dissertation-style project, a presentation of the project to the Extended Project Class and teacher, and completed planning, meeting and evaluation sheets. Students wishing to take this course will be required to achieve 5 GCSE Grades at 5/B or above including English Language at a Grade 5 or above.