Social Sciences

The Social Science Faculty at ECS consists of Geography, History, Government & Politics, Business and Economics. Each subject is led by a Head of Department and line managed by the Head of Faculty. We have four specialist classrooms on Bury and six at Cambridge, each classroom has a networked computer and a projector. ICT facilities at ECS are good, there are bookable computer rooms at both sites and it is also possible to book laptops to be used with students in classrooms.

Students who stay on in the Sixth Form are offered a wide range of courses at Level 3 including A2 and BTEC Nationals as well as some one year courses at Level 2. Students are well supported through a tutorial programme that offers them career planning and social skills development as well as considerable support for university and college applications. A consortium system operates at Sixth Form level within Enfield and some courses are offered through this arrangement. As a result some students from other schools join courses at Edmonton County and some students from our school join Sixth Form courses in another school.

Name of KS5 SHD Coordinators:

S Jlilou (Psychology)

Miss Y. Bibi (Sociology)

Kerry Steers (HSC and EPQ)

KS5 Social Sciences offer a range of Humanities subjects at Level 3, plus BTEC Health and Social Care and EPQ