Mathematics is an extremely important and highly enjoyable subject. The aim of the Faculty is to ensure that all students make outstanding progress in Maths while also developing a lifelong love for the subject. The well qualified Maths team  work hard to build on students’ existing knowledge and to equip them with the skills required to be highly successful in the subject at GCSE and beyond.

Head of Maths: Ms Shamime Makee

It is the intent of the Faculty to provide students with the tools for independent thinking and active learning in a motivating atmosphere which encourages students to work hard and develop a passion for the subject. It is our belief that Mathematics can be a highly rewarding subject. Features of high quality learning and teaching in mathematics include:

  • Students understanding the purposes of the mathematical processes they are learning
  • Students learning in depth to ensure development of understanding of the concepts
  • development of secure skills in applying processes
  • Teachers and students making imaginative, effective use of technologies, resources, and teaching approaches
  • Teachers and students placing the ideas and applications in relevant contexts
  • Problem solving as an integral part of all learning and teaching in mathematics.

We aim to identify able mathematicians and extend and enable them to meet individual targets through Mathematics Challenges, mathematics Masterclasses, extracurricular visits and other opportunities. Please click on the AG&T link above for further details.

The Maths Faculty:

Shamime Makee (Head of Mathematics Faculty)

Shahrokh Alibagi (Assistant Head of Mathematics Faculty)

Loulla Christofi (Assistant Head of Mathematics Faculty)

Umit Dogan (Deputy Head of Mathematics Faculty)

Ali Nihat Deniz (Mathematics, G&T Coordinator / Primary Liaison)

Seeam Dhurmea

Paul Miller (Deputy Headteacher)

Engin Oktay

Innocent Paul                            

Emlyn Robbins (Lead Teacher)

Duncan Sabiiti (Numeracy Coordinator)

Carmen Thomson                    

Pinar Tilkidag                            

Cansu Tunay