A Level | Psychology

Key Stage 5 Co-Ordinator: 

Miss K Steers


Psychology A Level is a course that is essential for students who want to study psychology at university, and the skills developed will also be relevant to a wide choice of careers such as Forensics, Law, and Counselling. Assessment is carried out through AQA and is focused on a range of topics such as Social Influence, Memory, Attachment and ‘Abnormality’. Students will also study and evaluate in great depth- Relationships, Schizophrenia and Forensic Psychology. Psychology gives students an insight into how the mind works and explains the behaviour of individuals. It involves analysis of various theories of behaviour and the consideration of research studies which evaluate these theories. Students will be encouraged to think critically when analysing why people behave in the way that they do- for example why do some people obey orders and others do not? Why do some people develop Schizophrenia? Which treatment for OCD is most successful? Biological and Social factors that affect us will also be explored, by examining psychological theories, and experiments which test these theories. A range of Psychological approaches will be explored, with a focus on Biopsychology through the study of ‘Research methods’. How psychologists conduct their research, and why psychology is considered to be a science will also be investigated. Finally, students will study the way in which psychologists carry out statistical tests on the data that they gather when carrying out a psychological experiment.

To study A Level Psychology, you will be required to achieve a grade 5 or above in GCSE English Grade 5 GCSE Maths Grade 5 GCSE Science Grade 5. The A-Level will be assessed in three examinations, each lasting two hours. These papers will assess both short answer and extended answer questions.