Physical Education

The Physical Education Faculty aims to offer experiences which will enable students to enjoy different forms of activity through performing, planning, evaluating and working with others.

Head of Faculty: Corin Hosier

We believe strongly in the importance of participation and it is our hope that all students will leave Edmonton County with a positive experience of Physical Education and the desire to lead active and healthy lifestyles in the future. We have a curriculum designed to give everyone the chance to succeed, and our extensive extra-curricular programme enables pupils of all abilities to further develop the physical and social skills that are important for developing their personalities and preparing for life outside of school.

The Physical Education Faculty has a complement of 8 specialist teachers and is assisted by members of other departments in curricular and extra-curricular work. The Head of Faculty is assisted by a Deputy Head of Faculty.

We currently employ a PE apprentice who help out with both curricular and extra-curricular activities.


The school has two sites, both of which have a gymnasium, playing fields, sports hall and tennis/netball courts. In addition, at the Cambridge Campus, there is also a power league.

The PE Faculty:

Corin Hosier (Head of PE Faculty)

Olivia Pottinger (Deputy Head of PE Faculty, Lead Teacher)

Kirstie Das (PE, Senior Progress Lead)

Fydoulla Kaisharis (PE, Progress Lead)

James Marshall (PE, KS5 Coordinator)

Daniel Pomeroy (PE, Progress Lead)

Rebecca Badman

Rachael Fallon

David Woolf