AS | Mathematics

Head of Key Stage 5 Mathematics: Mr S Alibagi


In AS Level (taught in year 12) you are required to study both Pure and Applied Maths as per below. Students will have 9 hours of teaching time a fortnight. There will be regular assessments throughout the course.

  • Pure Mathematics, at AS Level you will extend your knowledge of such topics as algebra and trigonometry, as well as learning new ideas such as calculus. If you enjoyed the challenge of problem solving at GCSE using such mathematical techniques, then you should find the contents of this course interesting and enjoyable.
  • In Statistics you will learn how to analyse and summarise numerical data in order to arrive at conclusions and make inferences. You will extend the range of probability problems that you started for GCSE by using the new mathematical techniques studied on the pure mathematics course. Many of the ideas you will meet in this course have applications in a wide range of other fields.
  • In Mechanics you will learn how to describe mathematically the motion of objects and how they respond to forces acting upon them, from cars in the street to satellites revolving around a planet. You will learn the technique of mathematical modelling; that is, of turning a complicated physical problem into a simpler one that can be analysed and solved.

The Maths faculty at Edmonton County School follow the Edexcel exam board for AS Level. Students will be assessed regularly throughout the course. The details of the final public exam structure in May are as per below.