Social Sciences

The Social Science Faculty at ECS consists of Geography, History, Government & Politics, Business and Economics. Each subject is led by a Head of Department and line managed by the Head of Faculty. We have four specialist classrooms on Bury and six at Cambridge, each classroom has a networked computer and a projector. ICT facilities at ECS are good, there are bookable computer rooms at both sites and it is also possible to book laptops to be used with students in classrooms.

Head of Faculty: Gerry Delbourgo

Staff in the faculty work closely together to ensure a consistent approach on raising achievement, behaviour for learning, data analysis and target setting. We regularly meet as a faculty to support and share good practice. Each year we organise enrichment trips which combine elements of history, geography and business which add an additional dimension to their learning.  All staff in the faculty are engaged in regular self-evaluation by reviewing learning outcomes; observing lessons; sampling student work and gathering student feedback.

Faculty ethos

The aim of the faculty is to develop an interest in a range of subjects and provide students with a range of skills which will extend beyond their school career. We aim to provide an inclusive education where students are:

  • helped to identify and explore questions
  • encouraged to reflect on personal and social issues
  • encouraged to develop an understanding and appreciation of the fact that Britain is a multi-cultural society
  • encouraged to develop a ‘love of learning’ through the range of courses taught

Please see the subject pages for more information.

The Social Science Faculty: 

Gerry Delbourgo (Head of Social Sciences Faculty)

Zeynep Fidan (Deputy Head of Social Sciences Faculty (Bury)

James Taylor Deputy Head of Social Sciences Faculty (Cambridge)

Sheila O’Neill (Head of History)

Jamie Alford (History)

Aaron Azhar (History, KS3 Coordinator)

Samuel Bartlett (Geography)

Yashmin Bibi (Religion & Life)

David Bucho (Social Sciences, Assistant Headteacher)

Gemma Burnett (Religious Studies)

Justin Clarke (History)

Elizabeth Dominic (Religious Studies)

Maria-Clare Fawcett (History)

John Keir (History)

Leah Muir-Walters (Religion & Life)

Dea Riznar (Geography)

Mahrose Saeed (Religious Studies)

Kerry Steers (Social Sciences, KS5 Coordinator)

Reka Vadkerti (Geography)

Rhiannon White (Geography)