Physical Education & Sport

Key Stage 3 Co-Ordinator: Corin Hosier

Key Stage Three Overview

It is the aim of the faculty that at Key Stage 3 pupils should be developing their core physical and tactical skills, building on what they have learnt at primary school.

Throughout KS3 pupils have 2 separate one hour lessons per week:

Our Year 7 curriculum is taught in mixed ability, mixed gender groups and focuses on developing key skills that will be required for all activity areas.

Year 8 classes are taught as single-sex groups and, where appropriate, are also spilt in terms of ability.  In Year 8 we develop more sport specific skills. Throughout KS3 we are teaching values and skills that will support pupils in all areas of their lives e.g. teamwork, leadership, co-operation and working towards a common goal.

The activities they will cover throughout the key stage are

Football; Basketball; Netball; Handball; Rugby; Table-tennis; Badminton; Gymnastics; Dance; Trampolining; Athletics; Tennis; Rounders and Softball.

PE athletics L3-5 | PE athletics L6-8
PE dance L3-5 | PE dance L6-8
PE Gymnastics L3-5 | PE Gymnastics L6-8
PE health related exercise L3-5 | PE health related exercise L6-8
PE invasion games L3-5 | PE invasion games L6-8
PE net and racket L3-5 | PE net and racket L6-8
PE striking and fielding L3-5 | PE striking and fielding L6-8
PE team building L3-5 | PE team building L6-8

The Physical Education Faculty aims to offer experiences which will enable students to enjoy different forms of activity through performing, planning, evaluating and working with others.

We believe strongly in the importance of participation and it is our hope that all students will leave Edmonton County with a positive experience of Physical Education and the desire to lead active and healthy lifestyles in the future. We have a curriculum designed to give everyone the chance to succeed, and our extensive extra-curricular programme enables pupils of all abilities to further develop the physical and social skills that are important for developing their personalities and preparing for life outside of school.