Head of Economics : Mr Rex Lewis


Within In Economics, our aim is that students will develop a passionate interest in the economic affairs of a globalised world that will last a lifetime.  Students will have an appreciation of the challenges caused by the basic economic problem, scarcity, at both a micro and a macro level. Students will develop an ability to construct economic arguments based upon sound technical understanding. 

Students will also use data to help analyse markets and economies and the role the government has in trying to influence both. During the course, students will be introduced to different perspectives, aspects of economic history and develop an understanding of key economic issues. Economics is a dynamic subject, where theory has to be continually reappraised to take account of our changing world. 

Theme 1: Introduction to markets & market failure. This gives a general introduction to the nature of economics and how
prices are determined in the real world and what can be done when things go wrong with the price mechanism.
Theme 2: The UK Economy – Performance & Policies. This unit gives a general introduction to the key measures of
economic performance which appear in our papers and on the news every day and what we can do to influence them.
Theme 3: Business behavior & the Labour Market. Looks at both of these operate and how the Government can influence
Theme 4: A Global Perspective. Students will develop an understanding of economics, poverty and inequality, emerging
and developing economies and the financial sector.

Paper 1: Markets and Business Behaviour: Multiple choice questions with a short data response questions, worth 35%
Paper 2: The National and Global Economy: Multiple choice questions with a short data response questions, worth 35%
Paper 3: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics: Data response questions with a choice of extended open-response
questions, worth 30%


Economics is a versatile subject that can help you in a number of careers. You could find yourself working for big corporations, banks or the government
but also it would be valuable in careers like journalism, law or marketing.