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AS | Design

Head of Design: 

Ms C Lipparelli


Students can opt to continue with Product Design for AS and A Level by studying As and A Level Design Technology- Product Design. This is a popular choice by students and they are encouraged to explore and embrace the iterative design process and develop their controlled assessment project based on the starting point provided by the exam board.

Students have the opportunity to develop their practical skills and theoretical knowledge of Product Design by undertaking focused projects to develop their practical abilities; to analyse existing products; designing for a client and target market and modelling their intentions through a range of mediums. The theory aspects of the AS level are taught alongside the practical projects to maximise connections between the two components and enable pupils to be successful. Studetns also have the opportunity to design and model their intentions through the use of CAD programs before using the laser cutter or 3D printer to manufacture their chosen products.

This qualification supports progression into further education such as a university or college course to study a HND or Degree. Training or employment, such as any appropriate design related course. Successful completion of the AS Level will also allow students to continue onto the A Level course.