For internal applicants: Hand in your completed application by Friday 14th December to reception on your campus. If you have any questions relating to the application process, please see Mr Bucho on the Cambridge Campus (Director of Sixth Form) or Mr Miller (Deputy Headteacher) on the Bury Campus who will be happy to help you.  We also have a super team of student managers on both campuses who can also provide advice and guidance on your application.

For external applicants: Hand in or post your completed application as soon as you can but by Friday 14th December to reception on either campus ‒ Cambridge Campus is on the A10, Great Cambridge Road, Bury Campus is on Little Bury Street, N9. Please clearly mark your envelope for the attention of the Sixth Form team and that it is an application.


All students who apply will be provided with at least one interview. The interview is designed to help you make the right decisions about your courses and to  give you further information on what the  courses may lead to. 

Most interviews take place early in the Spring Term between January and March. Your results in the exams in December and March will be used to give an indication of suitability and progress towards achieving your target grades. You will have a very good indication of your offer at this stage and can focus on achieving the grades necessary.


Following the interview an offer letter
will be then issued in April based on the agreed courses at your interview and dependent on you achieving the entry criteria stated. You will also be invited to our Bridging Event in the summer term to try out lessons in the Sixth Form and meet other students currently studying with us.

Final Interview

You will be interviewed on GCSE results day Thursday 22nd August and your courses will be finalised depending on what your final grades are. You may wish to change your choices at this stage, this may be because you attained higher grades than predicted and can access more courses or you have changed your mind about your future university or career choice.


If you have been successful in securing
a place in the Sixth Form you will be
invited to our enrolment day during the first week in September to receive your timetable, Sixth Form ID, and other necessary documentation including the Sixth Form planner and folder. All students take part in an induction programme to ensure they are ready for the transition into the Sixth Form, this will focus on managing your workload, being an independent learner and how to be successful sixth former by embracing the opportunities offered.

External Applicants

Should apply using the application form and will be asked to provide the name of a referee at their current school who can verify predicted grades and provide a character reference. You will be given an interview and the same process regarding the offer, final interview and enrolment outlined above will apply.