16-19 Additional Funding

Edmonton County School is using additional funding for its 16-19 programmes to deliver additional teaching for years 12 and 13 (level three classes receive an additional hour of teaching per two week cycle for the full year), targeted tutorial support (where subject teachers are deployed to provide one-to-one and group subject tuition in addition to extra teaching hours), supervised study support for all year 12 learners (so that all year 12 learners receive one-on-one tutorial support in non-contact lessons), provision of laptops for the disadvantaged level 3 learners, additional GCSE mathematics and English classes for sixth form students.

Edmonton County School sixth form was graded ALPS 1 for the 2021 series and we will be using the funding to ensure that standards are maintained. Edmonton County School also works in partnership with Lea Valley Academy (as it is a partner school in Edmonton Academy Trust) and we are providing expertise and support to the sixth form at Lea Valley Academy.