KS3 | Design

Head of Department:

Ms C Lipparelli


Transferrable skills/ skills for life

Our aim is to inspire and develop students’ curiosity and appreciation of Design; to help students to be self-motivated, creative problem solvers and work as effective members of a team. We provide a safe and positive environment in the workshops and lessons for students to ‘take creative risks’ and develop their skills and understanding of Design.  

KS3 lessons focus on developing the core skills required for DT and Textiles; these are: investigating, designing, manufacturing, developing technical knowledge and evaluating. Students are taught these concepts through a range of approaches including analysis, design skills and practical projects utilising the dedicated workshops, textiles room and CAD/CAM facilities for both DT and Textiles.

Students are also encouraged to develop the creative links between Textiles and Art by making reference to famous artists in their analysis and design ideas; to inspire students practical work. In DT students are encouraged to explore the connections between the STEM subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in order to solve problems, manufacture products, increase understanding of new technologies and materials. Through DT and Textiles; student’s awareness of the social and ethical impact of the design and the manufacture of products on the worlds finite resources are also explored to help create responsible citizens of tomorrow!

Our Expressive Art Departments

Art & Photography

Drawing, painting, printing, sculpting, CAD & photography.


Design Technology & Textiles, offering specialist workshops.


Pianos, keyboards, drum kits, guitars & much more.


Educational drama, theatre-based skills, & social development.