KS3 | History

At KS3 students at Edmonton County will study a number of different topics that will provide them with the skills that are necessary for them to succeed in GCSE History. Students will gain skills that allow them to understand chronology, assess significance, compare and contrast, assess factors and causes.

Key Stage 3 Co-Ordinator:

Mr A Azhar


Students will have the opportunity to study a number of different topics ranging from ancient History right up to the modern day. Students at KS3 will study History chronologically from Year 7 until the end of Year 8 which will help to provide them with a stimulating journey through History as well as equipping them with the skill necessary to succeed at GCSE.

In Year 7 students will begin a thematic study of Medicine through Time. This will involve them studying how medicine and health has developed through Ancient History such as the Egyptians and the Romans right up until the modern day period where students will learn about the development of the NHS. Studying a thematic topic will allow students to be adequately prepared for their GCSE History study as one of the units contains thematic study. Similarly, Year 8 students will study the lives of African-Americans through time and this will begin with Ancient African Empires and follow right up to the modern day period including the study of events such as the election of Barack Obama and the Black Lives Matter Campaign.

After both year groups have completed these Thematic study topics they will begin to study shorter units which will test students on other aspects of Historical study that are required for the GCSE History. For instance, students will have to understand the concept of significance and in order to achieve this student at Year 7 will study the Islamic Golden Age while at Year 8 students will have to study the Suffragettes. Additionally, students will also gain an understanding of consequence and this will be done through the study of the Battle of Hastings in Year 7 and the World War Two in Year 8. Finally, students will have to evaluate and carry out enquiries into different historical interpretations and this is achieved in Year 7 through the study of the Tudors and in Year 8 through the study of Dictatorships.

We hope that the study of these topics will adequately equip students with the tools necessary to succeed at GCSE History as well as creating a passion for History amongst KS3 students.