KS3 | Computer Science & ICT

Head of Department: 

Miss C Bozkurt


Key Stage Three Overview

Students have one hour per week Core computing lessons in Year 7 and year 8 where they study the KS3 Computing Curriculum.  Within year 7 the students study the following topics: Creating a web page in HTML and CSS, Working with data, History of Computers, Hardware, Binary, Programming using Small Basic and Creating a Portfolio.  Within year 8 the students study Computer Crime, programming using Python, Computer Modelling, Databases and Web Design.

Within Year 9 students study ICT for one hour per week where they study the Google Applied Digital Skills certificate. Applied Digital Skills teaches a wide range of digital literacy alongside practical life and job skills. The curriculum includes lessons such as Research and Develop a Topic, where students develop tests for credible sources; Plan and Budget, where students collect and analyse data about a long-term, contractual purchase; and Picking the Next Box Office Hit, which teaches students to analyse movie data and formulate a data-driven hypothesis.