Health & Social Care

Key Stage 4 Co-Ordinator:

Key Stage Four Overview

Information about Level 3 Health and Social Care BTEC:

Studying Health and Social Care is extremely useful for students wishing to work in a health and social care field e.g. social work, youth work, primary education, nursery care. There are currently 3 Health and Social Care teachers at Key Stage 5 and students are taught for 5 hours per week in each year.

What students learn:

Over the two years of this course students will learn patterns of growth and development throughout the different life stages, and the importance of meeting individual care and support needs, and values involved in care. They will also develop knowledge of psychological perspectives for health and social care.

The following units will be taught:

Year 1

Unit 1- Human Lifespan and Development: How does nature and nurture influence each stage of development? How can life factors affect development of the individual? How can life events affect development of the individual?

Unit 5 – Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs: What values and skills are needed for a career in social care or health care? What ethical issues arise and what challenges need to be overcome when personalising care?

Year 2

Unit 2- Working in Health and Social Care: What are the roles and responsibilities of health and social care practitioners? What organisations do they work for? How are standards in the areas of health and social care work monitored?

Unit 11- Psychological Perspectives in Health and Social Care: What are the different psychological perspectives on health? How can psychological perspectives be compared in health and social care setting?


Students will be assessed on coursework and externally examined units each year. Students are provided with a detailed overview at the beginning of the course, which highlights the key dates for submission of coursework and exam dates.

Resources and links:


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