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Edmonton County School is a large school and we have two campuses – one at Little Bury Street (N9 9JZ) and the other at Great Cambridge Road (EN1 1HQ). Students study at one campus and we hold regular enrichment days when students from both campuses are brought together.

Every child has a mentor and is a member of a ‘House’. In a large school it’s important that everyone feels known and valued – being part of a House means that each student is part of a smaller group.

We value education as the means to unlocking potential and creating life opportunities for all those that study and work at our school.

Our values are that:

  •  Every student has the right to a high quality education;
  • Every student has the right to learn in a safe environment free from bullying, teasing and disruption;
  • A child’s education matters because this is their chance to succeed.
  • Alongside the rights of our students, we also have high expectations and these are that students should:
  • Arrive on time, ready to learn;
  • Co-operate with others;
  • Wear the correct uniform correctly;
  • Behave with dignity and treat others in a respectful manner at all times;
  • Take care of their school environment.

A child’s education matters because this is their chance to succeed

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