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Head of the Society, Health & Development Faculty: Janet Clark

The aim of the faculty is to develop an interest in a range of subjects and provide students with knowledge of the contemporary world we live in which will extend beyond their school career.  We aim to promote tolerance and respect of others cultures, behaviours and beliefs. Students are encouraged to:

  • reflect on personal, social, religious and health issues
  • encourage students to reflect on the importance of British values and their role within a multi-cultural society.

A range of subjects are taught within the faculty: Citizenship, Extended Project, Health and Social Care, Religion and Life, Sociology & Psychology. See the Key Stage links below.

Extended project qualification – develop independent critical thinking and research skills.

Health and social care –  consider the needs of individuals within the health and social care sector.  Identify effective and ineffective practices.

Religion and life – explore the main beliefs and practices of the six major world religions

Psychology – explore the different explanations for human behaviour

Sociology – explore a range of issues and functions within society

The Head of Faculty is responsible for the overall running of the faculty and is supported by the key stage 4 Co-ordinator who is also responsible for the day to day running of one campus. There are key stage co-ordinators on both campuses and a BTEC co-ordinator for Health & Social Care. There are 9 full-time members of staff who all teach a range of subjects within the faculty.


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