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Science AG&T

Head of Science Faculty: Cat Purtell

The aim of the Science Faculty at Edmonton County School is to provide an excellent, diverse and balanced curriculum that is accessible to all students irrespective of their gender, race, culture or ability by building on their primary education in a continuous and progressive manner.

We aim to:

  • Develop scientific knowledge and principles.
  • Develop problem solving and investigative skills.
  • Develop knowledge, skills and experience of scientific method in order to allow students to analyse, evaluate and consider solutions to scientific issues in the real world.
  • Develop students’ social awareness of scientific discoveries and their ethical, environmental and economic implications.
  • Allow opportunities to develop and use their ICT skills.
  • Provide a sound basis for further education and/or employment.

The Science Faculty:

Ash Acharya
Veronia Anandaraj
Andrew Hibbert
Linh Kim (KS3 Coordinator)
Tazkia Rahman
Charlene Simons (KS5 coordinator, Deputy Head of Science)
Syeda Sultana
Marian Zargarian
Harry Dawon (BTEC Science coordinator)
Aishling Excell (Assistant Headteacher/Head of Sixth)
Shaan Gabriel  (Lead Practitioner)
Mahmuda Hasnath-Karim (Assistant Headteacher
Stephen Kinson (Deputy Head)
Beverley Jera    
Mark Mungovan (KS4 Coordinator)
Cat Purtell (Head of Science)
Bagha Said
Steven Theopemtou


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