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Head of Faculty: Les Rockett

The Inclusion Faculty aims to support the school as a whole, departments in general and all teachers specifically, in their work with all students, but particularly those with learning needs, behaviour and social emotional needs, those whose first language is not English and the More Able and Talented. The Inclusion Faculty also aims to meet the individual needs of these students and support them in their inclusion in all aspects of school life. We help these students to become independent learners and to prepare them for adult life after school so that they can work towards achieving their full potential. The Inclusion Team consists of a Learning Support team of SEN teachers, a Learning Support Centre and Additional Resource Base, Learning Mentors, EMAG Coordinator, a pool of Teaching Assistants and 2 administration assistants.

We support the principle of ‘Inclusive’ education. We have a clear commitment to promoting greater inclusion for all students. We also support the principles of the Code of Practice 2001 namely:

To provide ALL students, including those with AEN, differentiated work to support their learning needs.
To provide AEN students with increasing levels of intervention to support their individual needs.
To support AEN students through a system of target setting, monitoring, and reviewing.
To include students and parents in target setting, discussions and decisions.
To keep a centralised list of students with AEN for the purpose of monitoring, supporting and providing an appropriate level of support.
To monitor the achievement of AEN learners.
Provision currently includes the following:

Individual and small group withdrawal for literacy and numeracy at KS3.
Speech and language groups at key stage 3.
Nurture groups for more vulnerable children.
Additional Resource Base for excluded learners with Statements who can be re integrated into mainstream.
Individual programmes for students on the autistic spectrum using approaches such as social stories.
A Foundation Learning Support Option at KS4 focusing on Study skills , Entry level literacy & Numeracy, ASDAN Youth Award Scheme, and college taught Catering and Construction.
Exam access arrangements assessment.
Alternative curriculum provision for disengaged learners.
A Transition Diploma course at KS5 delivering Adult numeracy, literacy and work skills.
Allocation of a lead teacher for all Statement and School Action Plus pupils to monitor progress.
We have a whole school academic mentoring programme, and staff from the LS department mentor students on statements and school action plus in the last period of the school day.
Liaison with EP, CAMHS and other such relevant outside agency provision.
Inclusion Faculty Staffing is overseen by an Assistant Head Teacher for Inclusion and consists of:
Head of Faculty/SENCO
Deputy Head of Faculty
3 SEN teachers (2 part time)
Lead EMAG teacher
Lead and Assistant Behaviour professionals
2 Learning mentors
Lead G & T professional
A team of HLTAs and TAs
Two Administration Assistants

The Inclusion team is flexible and works across both sites.

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