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Head of Faculty: Ms J. Shilvock

EXPRESSIVE ARTS Faculty Statement

The Expressive Arts Faculty aims to provide a safe, nurturing and creative learning environment for all students across the school. Students are given opportunities to experience, achieve and celebrate within the Arts. A holistic approach is taken in an effort to provide students with as wide a range of skills and disciplines.

The Faculty believes that the Arts:

  • enrich lives
  • provide a sense of empowerment and direction
  • provide life skills for the future
  • build self confidence
  • have a positive impact on the social, emotional and behavioral development of the child
  • promote a sense of well-being and empathy through staff and peer support
  • stimulate the imagination and provide focus

Delivery of the curriculum is child-centered and enhanced by cross curricular links, extra-curricular activities, trips, events, performances and professional workshops. Career opportunities, academic structure and educational pathways are provided with the aim to further students’ involvement in the Arts.

The Expressive Arts faculty:

Jane Shilvock (Head of Faculty) 
Sophie Jimenez (Head of Art)
Charlotte Lipparelli (Head of Design
Sue O’Shea (Head of Drama)
Carla Harper (Head of Music)
Emily Omiros (Art Teacher)
Elena Christou (SEN Co-ordinator)
Catherine Marshall (Music Teacher and Art Teacher)
Michelle Harper (Music Teacher)
Mario Stavrino
Nadia Chambi (Assistant Head,Design and Tech / Product design Teacher)
Emily Hilliker (KS4 Co-ordinator, Drama Teacher)
Kimberley Chatterley (KS4 Co-ordinator, Drama Teacher)



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