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Head of Faculty: Julie Cozens

English Faculty

The English Faculty at Edmonton Country School comprises of the English Department and the Media Department.

Central to the English Faculty’s philosophy is equipping students with the skills of verbal and written communication to enable them to succeed, both at school and in the future. We also want all students to develop a love of reading.

The English curriculum is designed to expose students to a wide range of text types, including prose, drama, poetry and non-fiction. Students begin to explore these texts at Key Stage Three and then continue to develop and further their knowledge over the course of Key Stage Four (and on into Key Stage Five should they wish). Students are continually developing their skills in reading and writing and we aim to develop confident communicators who can express their opinions, argue their points and explain themselves clearly.

The Faculty has proved itself to be excellent at delivering strong outcomes for our students, with 75% of GCSE students achieving an A*-C grade in the summer of 2016. We will continue to build on this and we aim to enable all students to achieve their full potential.

The English curriculum has seen significant changes over the last 2 years, with the introduction of new GCSE, AS and A-level courses at a national level. We have developed robust strategies and overhauled our curriculum to ensure that all students are prepared for these new courses.

Overall we work hard and continually innovate to provide students with the best possible chances for success. We would also encourage students to also take responsibility for their own learning and to develop themselves as wide readers and life-long learners.

The English Faculty:

  • Julie Cozens (Head of Faculty)
  • Louise Haralambous (Deputy Head of Faculty)
  • Nasreen Khan (KS3 Co-ordinator and Leading Teacher)
  • Shivani Singh (KS5 Co-ordinator)
  • Laura Portelli (Head of Media)
  • Inisya Alibhai (Assistant Headteacher and Head of Upper Phase- Cambridge)
  • Amendeep Ark
  • Androulla Athanasiou (Leading Teacher)
  • Rebecca Boswell (currently on Maternity Leave)
  • Lutfa Begum
  • Anne Carolan
  • Christopher Flack (Acting Assistant Headteacher)
  • Maria Kyriakides (Leading Teacher)
  • Maria Panayi (Deputy Headteacher)
  • Dino Schreuder
  • Jeremy Smart
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