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Year 11 Examination Results Summer 2016

We are delighted with our GCSE results this year, which have exceeded our expectations and represent a significant improvement on last year’s results.  As students joined ECS in Year 7 with National Curriculum Levels significantly below the national average, this represents excellent progress. These GCSE and BTEC qualifications have enabled our students to progress on to a range of high quality post-16 courses, with the vast majority choosing to join our ECS Sixth Form. We wish our wonderful 2016 cohort all the best in the next stage of their education and congratulate them on their achievements.

Results headlines:

A*-C in both English and Maths 60% (above national average)
A*-C pass rate overall 70% (above national average of 67%)
Projected Progress 8 Score +0.44* (well above national average of 0)
Projected Attainment 8 Score 5.11 (over a C grade, on average)
A*-C in English Language 70% (above national average of 60%)
A*-C in Maths 65% (above national average of 61%)
5 or more A*-C incl. English and Maths 60% (above national average)
5 or more A*-C grades 72% (above national average)
A*-C in all English Baccalaureate subjects 24% (above national average)
3 or more A*/A or DN*/DN grades 25% (above national average) 

*This means that students achieve nearly half a grade better across their best 8 subjects at ECS than the national average.


The following subjects all achieved over 80% A*-C grades:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Additional Science
  • Art
  • Textiles
  • French
  • Turkish
  • Food Technology


Outstanding individual performances:

Sami Berisha: 8 A*, 3 A

Tracey Huynh: 7 A*, 3 A

Oliver Blane: 5 A*, 5 A

Samuel Owusu: 3 A*, 7 A

Kevin Cesar: 2 A*, 8 A

Mahima Miah: 1 A*, 9 A

Xhesika Gjoca: 3 A*, 6 A

Khalid Osman: 3 A*, 6 A

Katherine Allen: 2 A*, 7 A

Raiyan Ahmed: 1 A*, 8 A

Nazia Islam: 5 A*, 3 A

Kimonie Hanchard: 1 A*, 7 A

Hafso Salad: 1 A*, 7 A



Sixth Form Examination Results Summer 2016

Another record-breaking year for ECS Sixth Form! Well done to all of our students.


A Level Headlines:

A*-E    100%

A*-B    44%

Outstanding individual performances:

Yassin Ahmed: A*, A*, A

Abdisamad Omar: A*, A*, A

Eve Davis: A*, A*, A, B

Mehmet Goksungur: A*, A*, B

Sinem Colak: A*, A, B


AS Level Headlines:

A-E     95%

A*-B   34%

Outstanding individual performances:

Maryna Voloshyna: A, A, A, A

Ali Sahin: A, A, A, A

Ethan Jones: A, A, A, A

Leanne Potter: A, A, A



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