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What we've been learning archive

Year 5 - 01/03/2019

Year 2 - 15/02/2019

Year 1 - 08/02/2019

Year 5 had a fantastic start to the new term! To start the week off, we had workshops led by Metro bank on; saving money, spending, finding out what is meant by interest as well as what a mortgage meant. The workshops were fun as well as educational. Did you know ATM stands for automated teller machine?

Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London over the past few weeks. We have learnt all about what happened in Pudding Lane, and how the fire destroyed most of the city of London.

In Year 1 we have been having lots of fun learning about 3D shapes! We made our own using polydron materials, then named and described them, counting how many faces, vertices and edges they have.

Reception - 01/02/2019

Year 6 - 25/01/2019

Year 5 - 18/01/2019

In Caterpillar Class this term we have been learning about ‘Healthy Living’!!

Year 6 are fascinated by the events of World War Two; our topic this term. We have immersed ourselves in activities to make us feel like we were really there! The text we have been reading is Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian.

Before and over the Christmas break some children created their very own Space models, here are photographs of some of them

Year 4 - 11/01/2019

Year 5 - 07/12/2018

Year 1 - 23/11/18

Snow in London

This week year 5 took part in Enrichment Day on Wednesday.....

Year 1 We worked in pairs to make some fabulous Advent wreaths as part of our learning about how Christians celebrate the festival of Christmas.

Year 6 - 16/11/18

Year 5 - 09/11/2018

Year 4 - 02/11/18

Coming soon

This week year 5 took part in Enrichment Day on Wednesday.....

Year 4 have enjoyed learning about the topic Ancient Egyptians.....