At Edmonton County Primary every child has the chance to access enriching experiences, through a variety of ways. We plan for our lessons and extra-curricular activities to be broad and enriching. In addition to this, we organise special events, visitors, off-curriculum days, and family events to enrich our pupils’ lives.


Some opportunities are whole-school initiatives, while others are focused on small groups or individuals.


Music and Drama

Regular music lessons, embedded music experiences in class and multiple extra-curricular opportunities mean that the children are able to access music in a variety of ways whilst at Edmonton County, including joining our choir club after school.



French is introduced for all children at the beginning of Year 3 and progressed over the four years the children are at Edmonton County Primary.  The emphasis is on oral activities, but the children will develop the oracy and literacy skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing a foreign language, through a variety of activities including songs, puppet work, role play, games and reading and writing stories. These aim to develop confidence and enjoyment of learning a foreign language, as well as enabling children to communicate in French.


Extra- curricular opportunities

Every term child takes part in several different extra-curricular clubs and activities, including yoga, textiles and so on. These are often oversubscribed and offer all children a wonderful opportunity to develop interests and skills. 


Whole School Enrichment

Every term we organize a whole-school enrichment day. These are an exciting and motivating way for children to use a range of skills and work in new and exciting ways at school. Some of our most successful Enrichment days are:

  • Cultural Day
  • Number Day
  • Enrichment Day
  • World Book Day

Educational Visits and workshops

At Edmonton County we believe very strongly that educational visits enhance interest, enthusiasm and achievement for all children.


We endeavour to ensure that all pupils from Reception age up to Year 6 have the opportunity to make termly visits to the surrounding community and beyond. The list of trips planned for each year group can be found in the planning document.


All visits link closely to the topic based approach to learning that we promote at Edmonton County. For example, children have visited the British Science Museum as a part of the Science focus on the forces.