Our Vision

In pursuit of excellence we believe that every child should enjoy and have a thirst for learning, as well as achieve success.

At Edmonton County we will endeavour to create a positive learning environment that encompasses each child’s academic, social, moral, spiritual
and emotional development.

Our principles are that we offer;

• Strong Leadership;
• Outstanding teaching;
• A stimulating and positive learning atmosphere.

“If you want to go far, go together”

This old African proverb underpins our vision.

We believe that your child’s educational journey is a joint venture that we look forward to embarking on with you. Home and school is a child’s sanctuary and we are responsible for working hand in hand to helping them to grow and develop day by day.

Our door is always open for us to learn together.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe that our children need to feel secure and important at all times.

We aim to instill confidence in children from a very young age and guide them in becoming independent, inquisitive and successful learners.

This is by providing a stimulating and challenging curriculum that focuses on Early Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Exploratory play.

We encourage children to be creative learners and to participate in Arts & Crafts, ICT, Role Play, Storytelling, Music and much more.

We have a dedicated and experienced team that will organise a wide range of activities to enhance your child’s educational journey. This will be delivered by Early Years and Secondary specialist staff.

Our aim is to cultivate a sense of curiosity in children and we strive to offer a wonderful place for children to grow and develop in a warm and nurturing environment.

Why should you choose Edmonton County?

  •  High expectations
  •  Personalised Learning
  •  Outstanding teaching
  •  A strong focus on Reading, Writing and Maths
  •  A rich learning environment
  •  Happy children with inquisitive minds