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Safeguarding Policy

The aim of this policy is to draw together a number of school policies that are related to the safeguarding of children and young people

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Anti Bullying Policy

The aim of the anti-bullying policy is to ensure that students learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment without fear of being bullied.

Bullying is anti-social behaviour and affects everyone; it is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Only when all issues of bullying are addressed will students be able to fully benefit from the opportunities available at schools.

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Behaviour Matters Policy

The principle of our Behaviour Matters policy is that students should come to school and thrive in a rich learning environment. We want all students to enjoy success and be happy at school. We believe that if we all work together in a spirit of cooperation then problems can be sorted out and we can focus on learning.

Download the Behaviour Matters Policy (Revised December 2017)

Code of Conduct Policy

The Governors’ expectations are that all pupils receive the highest possible quality of teaching and learning within a positive and respectful environment. It is important, therefore, that employees and workers understand that their own behaviour and the manner in which they conduct themselves with their colleagues, pupils, parents and other stakeholders sets an example and affects the school environment.

Download the Code of Conduct – Sept 2017

Whistleblower Policy

Employees or workers bringing information about serious malpractice or wrongdoing to the attention of their employers or a relevant organisation are protected in certain circumstances under the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) 1998. This is commonly known as ‘blowing the whistle’.

Download the Whistleblowing Policy -Sept 2017

Uniform Policy

Uniform is an important part of our school. We believe it promotes a sense of identity and establishes good working habits. All students are required to present themselves to school wearing full uniform smartly and correctly; this includes coming to school and going home in the correct uniform.

Download the Uniform Policy – (Revised December 2017)

Mobile Phone Policy

Electronic equipment, including mobile phones, mp3 players, headsets and hand held games consoles, are a distraction from our core purpose of teaching and learning in school. No electronic equipment, including mobile phones, should be seen and must be switched off within the school grounds at all times

Download Mobile Phone Policy – (Revised December 2017)

 Equal Opportunities Policy

Edmonton County School is a multi-cultural school which endeavours to provide a safe environment and an enriching experience for all students and staff.

We are fully committed to Equal Opportunities within the whole school and the community. We believe that each student has the right to equal access to the curriculum and the right to feel valued.

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Able, Gifted and Talented (AG&T) Policy

“All students with identified gifts and talents in particular subjects should achieve at least their Target Grades in those subjects, and preferably their Challenge Grades (one grade higher).”

We are working to provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment for all, which offers the opportunities for students to shine and develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

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Assessment, Recording and Reporting

At ECS we have high expectations of what our students can achieve. Good quality assessment, target setting and intervention is central to raising attainment at student, class, department and whole school levels. The principles of Assessment for Learning are embedded through the policy and into practice.

We use student prior attainment to set realistic and Target Grades (TGs) and motivational Challenge Grades (CGs). Before a student can make progress, s/he and the class teacher need to know where s/he is starting from.

At the start of the academic year (or as soon as the information is made available), class teachers will be issued with all relevant prior attainment data for the students they teach.

Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy 2016-17

Marking and Assessment Policy

In order for students to make progress they must have regular feedback on how well they are doing, how they are progressing towards targets and what they need to do to improve further.

Marking and assessment are for the benefit of students and must be in a format which is most useful to them.

Marking also serves the function of checking that work set has been completed. Parents expect to see their child’s work marked by the teacher.

Feedback and Assessment Policy 2017-18

Homework Policy

The increased challenges of the new national curriculum and more rigorous examinations mean that our students need to be working harder and more independently. Homework develops independence in student learning; it enables students to prepare for the next lesson, broaden their knowledge and practise subject specific skills. Setting regular, sufficient, challenging, high quality homework is an important part of ‘raising the bar’ for our students.

ECS Homework policy 2017-18

Edmonton County Charging Policy

Our charging policy relates to charges which may be made by the School Governing Body and does not apply to any educational activity for which charges are levied by other persons.

Lettings are managed under an SLA provision by the LA and a list of charges will be agreed with them annually with provision for the Aspire usage to be met as per the Management Agreement.

Download our full Edmonton County Charging Policy

Disability Equality Policy

At Edmonton County School, we are committed to ensuring equality of education and opportunity for disabled students, staff and all those receiving services from the school, to protect disabled people and prevent disability discrimination.

We aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity in which people feel free to disclose their disability and to participate fully in school life.

Download our full Edmonton County Disability Equality Policy

Allegations about staff

Edmonton County School is committed to providing the highest level of care for both students and staff. It is important that an allegations of abuse against any member of staff or volunteer is dealt with thoroughly and efficiently.

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