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Edmonton County School is organised into four Phases (Transition – Year 7, Middle – Year 8 & 9, Upper – Year 10 & 11 and Sixth form – Year 12 & 13).

Each Phase is under the oversight of an Assistant Headteacher with the exception of the Sixth form which is overseen by a Deputy Headteacher.



Year 7

 AHT responsible for Phase –
Mrs N Chambi

 AHT   responsible for Phase –
Mr P Maloney

 Year   7 lead – Ms A Shore

Year   7 lead – Ms H. Roberts

Year 8 – 9

 AHT   responsible for Phase –
Mrs N Chambi

 AHT   responsible for Phase –
Mr P Maloney

 Head of Phase –
Mr I Uworibhor

 Student Managers –
Mrs H Williams and
Mr N Wynter

 Head of Phase   – Ms E Hilliker

Student Managers   –
Ms E. Bartley and Ms J Doyle

Year 10 – 11

 AHT   responsible for Phase –
Ms M Panayi

 AHT   responsible for Phase – Mrs I Alibhai

 Head of Phase – Ms M. Harper

Student Managers – Ms M. Todd
and Ms F Blackman

 Head of Phase – Mr F. Enebeli

Student Managers –
Ms T Hassan and Ms I Kashioulis


Year 12 – 13

 DHT   Director of Sixth form – Ms J. Hamill

 Head of Year 13 – Mr C. McClean

 Student Manager – Mrs S Divine

 Head of Year 12 – Mrs A Excell

Student Managers – Ms E. Halil, Ms P. Wilkinson and Ms S Gayle

Each Phase is led by a Head of Phase who has overall responsibility for a student’s progress and welfare. Full time Student Managers support the Head of Phase and each student also has a Form Tutor. This person is the first point of contact and students will meet their tutor every day.

The Tutor Group comprises about 24 students in the Middle and Upper Phases and less than 20 in the Transition Phase  . This ‘family’ helps to create a mutually supportive, inclusive and cohesive group where everybody is empowered to enjoy, learn and achieve. If students have any concerns they should talk to the Tutor who will do their best to help.

I addition students are placed in one of four across school Houses (Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune and Saturn).

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