Jack Petchey – Acheivement Awards 2017

Jack Petchey Achievers  Awards 2017




 Name Ilriana Lleshi :Year 12

Reason for the award:

Despite a harrowing year of personal circumstances Ilriana has maintained a brave face and stiff upper lip in the face of adversity. She has maintained her role as Deputy Head girl and worked enthusiastically to ensure all students attend the end of year 11 prom and celebrate their time together, She has always been a model student and we are very proud of her.

Name Joycelyn Boeteng:Year 11


Reason for the award:

Jocelyn has recreated the school rules and responsibilities for students and she has worked with other students to create a school ethos to share with other students and staff. She leads learning in lessons and she is a role model to other students across all age groups. She gives of her time willingly and she is prepared to support each faculty and phase in school. We arelucky to have her.


 Name Matthew Dawkins: Year 13

Reason for the award:

Matthew has been a role model since year 7. He was nominated by the PE faculty as he has represented the school at external sporting events throughout his time here. His competitive spirit inspires others yet never belittles them and he has noble qualities even at his young age. Matthew has been a pleasure to have in school.


 Name Lydia Johnson: Year 10


Reason for the award:

Lydia is a model photography student. She works relentlessly to achieve her target and challenge grades and excels in this area. She is a great team player and she always supports other students. She is a role model in school regarding both exemplary behaviour and conscientious efforts to succeed. Her photography teacher quotes it has been a pleasure to teach her.


 Name Ali Sahin: Year 13

Reason for the award:

Although Ali speaks English as a second language he has worked relentlessly to become one of our highest achievers at sixth form. His interactions with staff and students alike show his warmth and personable nature which has made him well liked byall. His dedication to Science is apparent and he excels in this area as he dedicates so much time to his study of it. Ali is a

model student in school.

Name Kieron Miller: year 11 student 2016

Reason for the award:

Kieron has helped at each event put on after school and performed the musical entertainment. He is a model student in Music and he gives willingly of his time to help others. He is always well mannered and he is enthusiastic about his passion for music


Jack Petchy Leaders award

Congratulations to

Mrs Purtell  Head of Science Faculty


Mrs Purtell has been nominated by her peers for a Jack Petchy Leaders award.

Mrs Purtell became the Head of Science at Edmonton County School in Sept 2014. Her leadership and management has led to the Science GCSE exam results being the best ever achieved by the faculty in Aug 2016. The Raiseonline report shows that the faculty is performing in the top 10% of schools nationally and all students including those that are disadvantaged are performing significantly above the national average. Edmonton County School is a very large dual campus school. Through the implementation of clear roles of responsibility, effective communication systems, excellent tracking and monitoring systems as well as appropriate CPD for the Science team, Cat has ensured that the faculty runs simultaneously across both campuses.  Cat has ensured that the targets on the Science faculty progress plan have been met for the academic year 2015-2016. This has ensured that despite the extensive reforms to the Science curriculum all teachers have access to excellent schemes of work. This in turn has provided all students across the faculty with high quality teaching and learning.

Congratulations to Mrs Purtell.

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