Summer School 2021

Melisa Deniz - 7B1- Summer School Experience

My Experience of summer school.

At first the thought of secondary school had made me feel really anxious, nevertheless Summer School really helped me to overcome this. My experience of summer school exceeded my expectations and made me really excited about starting my new school.

During summer school I was able to make new friends. Since COVID19 had begun no one has had a chance to meet new people. Luckily enough, I managed to make a few friends and even talk to them till this day! This was because we had lots of group activities throughout Summer School, I have bonded with lots of my friends.

We also had a chance to meet some of our new teachers, with their selected tasks we had our first step into Secondary School. We had lots of lessons including English and Maths as well as activities such as, a trip to the park, baking cupcakes, making masks and designing our posters and practicing our presentations for the final day.  I am very glad to have experienced Edmonton County Summer School.

Thank you to all of the teachers and to the Student Managers who have helped me through this journey.


Melisa Deniz