The aim of the Science Faculty at Edmonton County School is to provide an excellent, diverse and balanced curriculum that is accessible to all students irrespective of their gender, race, culture or ability by building on their primary education in a continuous and progressive manner.

Head of Science Faculty: Dr R Tente 

We aim to make Science relevant to students, which increases their enjoyment and participation. This is done through practical work, group work and interactive lessons. We have designed our scheme of work in Science to allow continuity and progression throughout a student’s school life. 

Learners are encouraged to be inspired, motivated and challenged by following a broad, coherent and practical course. Students have a range of options that are tailored to their needs ensuring enjoyment and relevance for all.

Fiona Philippou (Assistant Head teacher – Biology)

Dr. Raniska Tente (Head of Science Faculty – Biology)

Andrew Hibbert (Deputy Head of Science & KS4 Coordinator – Physics)

Bahga Said (Head of Year 11– Chemistry)

Charlene Simons ( Head of Y10 – Biology

Marian Zargarian (KS5 Coordinator – Chemistry)

Artemis Panayioti (KS3 Coordinator – Biology)

Tom Jeffrey (STEM Coordinator – Biology)

Aashish Acharya – Chemistry

Dilara Alkaya –  Biology

Duniya Ahmed – Chemistry

Francis Blankson – Chemistry

Uday Balachandran – Chemistry

Dan Burridge – Physics

Remi Faewnhimi-Physics

George Chalepas – Physics

Technicians: Olgun Sofuoglu (senior technician), Ozlem Aksiner, Temilola Amole