Mathematics at Edmonton County School is taught by a dedicated and well-qualified, specialist team of 13 teachers. Mathematics is one of the three compulsory core subjects from year 7 to year 11. The Mathematics Faculty have a strong ethos of ‘Practice make Progress’ and have created a 5 year plan to build upon the work covered by pupils at primary schools, to develop students who are independent mathematical thinkers with strong Numerical fluency, Mathematical reasoning skills and Problem solving skills. .

Head of Maths: Ms Shamime Makee

The Mathematics Faculty provide a stimulating environment to support students in developing their mathematical competency for both real life applications, as well as the skills required across subjects and for higher level learning.

Features of high quality learning and teaching in our Maths Faculty include:

  • Students developing secure skills in applying processes and understanding the purposes of the mathematical processes.
  • Students learning in-depth to ensure full comprehension of the concepts, learning how to reflect and reason effectively.
  • Teachers and students making imaginative, effective use of technologies, resources, and learning approaches, both inside and out of the classroom.
  • Students who develop independent learning skills and maximise the resources available, both inside and out of the classroom
  • Teachers and students placing the ideas and applications in relevant contexts
  • Problem solving as an integral part of all learning and teaching in mathematics

The Faculty also to identify able Mathematicians in year 7 and continue to extend and challenge them through UK Mathematics Challenges, Mathematics Masterclasses, extracurricular visits and other opportunities.

In addition, we have a strong intervention program to support the needs of those students who have significant gaps in their knowledge both at KS3 and at KS4.

Ms Shamime Makee (Head of Maths Faculty)

Mr Umit Dogan (Deputy Head of Maths Faculty, KS4 Lead)

Mr Sharokh Alibagi (Assistant Head of Maths Faculty, KS5 Lead)

Mrs Loulla Christofi (Assistant Head of Maths Faculty, KS3 Lead)

Mr Emlyn Robbins (Lead Maths Teacher)

Mr Duncan Sabiiti (Numeracy & KS3 Interventions Coordinator)

Ms Carmen Thomson (KS4 Intervention Coordinator)

Mr Nihat Deniz (Able, Gifted & Talented Coordinator)

Mr Paul Miller (Deputy Head Teacher)

Mr Innocent Paul (Behaviour/Inclusion Specialist)

Mr Seeam Dhurmea

Ms Pinar Tilkidag

Ms Cansu Tunay