KS3 | Science

KS3 Science at ECS opens the door for students to the exciting world of scientific investigation and enquiry. Over the two-year course, they will gain a deeper understanding to concepts introduced at KS2 and a prelude to topics taught in Year 9. During KS3, students are guided in the first step in their development to be independent learners and accurate communicators.

Key Stage 3 Co-Ordinator:

 Artemis Panayioti 


KS3 Covers Years 7 and 8 where students learn a variety of topics across Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Relevant practical opportunities are provided enabling students to obtain hands-on experience with scientific equipment which will aid them when entering KS4. Students are also exposed to numerous activities which will enhance their literacy and numeracy skills. Assessments are regular with students responsible for tracking and monitoring their own progress. All assessments are used to enter students into appropriate KS4 sets.

Year 7 content

  • Biology: cells, structure & function, reproduction
  • Chemistry: particles & their behaviour, elements atoms & compounds, reactions
  • Physics: forces, space, light waves, sound waves
  • Year 8 content
  • Biology: adaptations & inheritance, health & lifestyle, ecosystem processes
  • Chemistry: acids & alkali, Earth, separation techniques, periodic table, metals & acids,
  • Physics: electricity & magnetism, energy, motion & pressure,