The English curriculum is designed to expose students to a wide range of text types, including prose, drama, poetry and non-fiction. Students begin to explore these texts at KS3 and then continue to develop and further their knowledge over the course of KS4 (and on into KS5 should they wish). Students are continually developing their skills in reading and writing and we aim to develop confident communicators who can express their opinions, argue their points and explain themselves clearly.

Head of English Faculty: Chris Flack

The English Faculty at Edmonton Country School comprises of the English Department and the Media Department.

Central to the English Faculty’s philosophy is equipping students with the skills of verbal and written communication to enable them to succeed, both at school and in the future. We also want all students to develop a love of reading.

The English Faculty is comprised of the English and Media departments.

The Faculty has proved itself to be excellent at delivering strong outcomes for our students, with 78.24 % of GCSE students achieving a 9-4 grade, and 100% pass rates in A-Level English Literature and L3 Media BTec in the summer of 2020. We will continue to build on this and we aim to enable all students to achieve their full potential.

We are passionate about ensuring that our students develop a love of reading and learning during their time with us. We are an innovative faculty and we continually share ideas and best practice, making certain that we provide students with the best possible chances for success.


Faculty Information


Head of Faculty: Chris Flack

Amandeep Ark Deputy Head of English

Adetoun Carew KS4 co-ordinator

Alexia Kossifos  Shared KS3 co-ordinator

Suki Penrose Britton Shared KS3 co-ordinator

Laura Portelli  Literacy co-ordinator/Media teacher

Maria Panayi DHT and English SLT line manager

Andrew Lloyd DHT

Insiya Alibhai DHT

Lutfa Begum English Teacher

Faisa Ali English Teacher

Eugenia Grigorieva English Teacher

Anastasia O’Connell    English Teacher

Emily Duncan English Teacher