KS4 | Sociology

Key Stage 4 Co-Ordinator:

Mr J Taylor

Key Stage Four Overview


Sociology is the study of Society and at Edmonton County it is an exciting and stimulating subject that challenges your everyday experiences by studying the relationship between the individual and society. This course offers excellent preparation for a variety of Higher Education courses including Law, Politics, Criminology, Journalism and Sociology itself. Sociology is also a great choice of subject for people who want a career in social work, nursing or medicine, marketing, journalism, law or teaching.

The teachers currently teaching this subject are Ms Clark, Miss Bibi, Miss Muir-Walters and Mr Taylor. Students are taught in mixed ability groups and have between two to three lessons a week.

What students will learn:

Studying sociology offers insights into social and cultural aspects of society. Studying sociology offers insights into social and cultural issues. It helps you develop a critical approach to understanding issues and perspectives around family, education, crime, and global development. You will learn key concepts of sociological topics by looking at real-life scenarios, and you will also become critically aware through the evaluation of theories and perspectives. You will learn in a variety of ways- peer work, group work and teaching, debates, discussions and independent research.


  • Unit 1 topics: Studying society/Education /Family
  • Unit 2 Topics: Crime and deviance, Social Inequality, Mass Media

Both are externally examined units. Each paper = 105 minutes. There is no coursework in Sociology.

Resources and links:


An Introduction to Sociology, Ken Browne, Polity 2012

Sociology GCSE for AQA, Pauline Wilson and Allan Kidd, Collins 2010



Enrichment: we hold after school sessions; check with your tutor