KS4 | Physical Education

KS4 is split into two distinct area; core PE and examination PE. In core PE, Yr9 continue to develop their sports specific skills that they developed in KS3. Core classes in Yr9 are taught as single-sex groups and, where appropriate, are also split in terms of ability.

Key Stage 4 Co-Ordinator: 

Ms O Pottinger

Key Stage Four Overview

Yr9 are taught 2 separate one hour lessons per week.  For Yr10 and Yr11 core lessons, pupils follow a pathway depending on their interests.  They have the option to follow a dance pathway, which will culminate in the achievement of a dance award.  Alternatively they can follow a games pathway and continue to develop the skills they have learnt in previous years.  Lessons for Yr10 and Yr11 take place once a week and last 1 hour.

For examination PE we currently follow the AQA GCSE syllabus for pupils starting the course in Yr9. At the end of Yr9 we assess the pupils to determine whether the GCSE course is the right one for them.  At this point, some pupils will switch to the Level 2 BTEC First in Sport (for Yr10 and Yr11) whilst others will continue with the GCSE course.

For those taking the GCSE course it is currently 60% theory and 40% practical.  To ensure that our practical grades are accurate, there is a moderation of pupil performance towards the end of the Spring term of Yr11.

Key Stage 4 Theory Assessments

GCSE (we follow the AQA syllabus 8582)

Throughout the 3 year course pupils will routinely complete end of Unit tests that will help to inform progress.

There will also be a number of more thorough tests that will assess all of the theory content that has been taught up to that point.  The key assessment points are as follows

Yr9 end of year exams

Yr10 end of year exams

Yr11 December mock exam.

Yr11 PPE March mock exam.


All pupils complete 4 units

Unit 1 is compulsory and is called Fitness for Sport and Exercise.  This is assessed via an online exam.

Unit 2 is compulsory and is called Practical Sport (see below)

Each year we choose from the following optional units

  • Unit 3: The Mind and Sports Performance.
  • Unit 4: Sports Performer in Action
  • Unit 5: Training for Personal Fitness
  • Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities

Key Stage 4 Practical Assessments

For GCSE PE pupils are ultimately assessed in one team game, one individual sport and a third activity from either a team or individual sport.

For every activity a pupil is given a mark out of 10 for skills and a mark out of 15 for ability to play in a fully competitive context.

They are also assessed in the ability to analyse and evaluate either their own or someone’s else’s performance.  This is marked out of 25 with 15 marks allocated to evaluating the strengths and weaknesses in the performance and 10 marks available for using appropriate theory content to discuss how the weaknesses could be improved.


Unit 2 – Practical Sport – is a compulsory Unit at BTEC.

All pupils need to be videoed performing skills in two different activities.  The marks allocated for practical performances are

Level 1 Pass = Perform skills in isolation

Level 2 Pass = Perform skills in a conditioned practise

Level 2 Merit = Perform skills in a full-sided context.

Pupils will also complete a number of written elements for Unit 2 that displays their knowledge of rules and tactics and ability to assess strengths and weaknesses in a performance.