KS4 | Physical Education

KS4 is split into two distinct area; core PE and examination PE. In core PE, Yr9 continue to develop their sports specific skills that they developed in KS3. Core classes in Yr9 are taught as single-sex groups and, where appropriate, are also split in terms of ability.

Key Stage 4 Co-Ordinator: 

Ms O Pottinger

Key Stage Four Overview


Yr9 are taught 2 separate one hour lessons per week.  For Yr10 and Yr11 core lessons, pupils follow a pathway depending on their interests.  They have the option to follow a dance pathway, which will culminate in the achievement of a dance award.  Alternatively they can follow a games pathway and continue to develop the skills they have learnt in previous years.  Lessons for Yr10 and Yr11 take place once a week and last 1 hour.


For examination PE we currently follow the OCR Cambridge National Certificate in Sport Studies. This qualification, which is the equivalent to one GCSE comprises of the following units.

Unit R051: Contemporary Issues in Sport.  This unit is assessed by completing an external exam and it is marked by the exam board.  It has four broad areas of study

  • Understanding issues which affect participation in sport
  • Know about the role of sport in promoting values e.g. fair play, sportsmanship, respect etc
  • Understand the importance of hosting major sporting events
  • Know about the role of national governing bodies in sport.

Unit R052: Developing sports skills.  This unit involves developing performance across a range of activities and you are then assessed in your best team activity and your best individual activity.  You will also develop your ability to officiate in each activity.  This unit is internally assessed but externally moderated.

Unit R053: Sports Leadership. In this unit you learn how to plan and lead sessions in a range of sporting activities.  You will ultimately be assessed on your ability to lead a session in a sport of your choice.  This unit is internally assessed and externally moderated.

Unit R056: Developing knowledge and skills in outdoor activities.  This unit involves you knowing about all the different outdoor and adventurous activities there are (canoeing, rock climbing, orienteering etc).  You will be assessed in your ability to perform in two different outdoor and adventurous activities as well as your ability to safely plan an outdoor activity.


Key Stage 4 Assessments

For Unit R051 the score you get on the exam (out of 60) is your mark for that unit.

For each of the other three units pupils are awarded one of the following scores

Level 2 Distinction * = 54

Level 2 Distinction = 48

Level 2 Merit = 42

Level 2 Pass = 36

Level 1 Distinction = 30

Level 1 Merit = 24

Level 1 Pass = 18

U = 0

At the end of Yr11 the four unit scores are added together to give a final grade

Level 2 Distinction * = 216

Level 2 Distinction = 192

Level 2 Merit = 168

Level 2 Pass = 144

Level 1 Distinction = 120

Level 1 Merit = 96

Level 1 Pass = 72