KS4 | French

Key Stage 4 Co-Ordinator:

Ms N Sheikh Oomar


All pupils at KS4 have three periods a week. There is no setting in MFL. All groups are mixed abilities and work is differentiated. Students will be entered in the Foundation or higher tier depending on their progress and PPE results.

Some pupils at the end of year 11 will choose to study one Language French or Turkish encouraged to continue to AS/A2 (AQA).

Our aim is to equip pupils not only with a wide range of vocabulary, but also with an understanding of how a Language is constructed so that they can begin to use it creatively and independently during KS4 as requested by the new exam. There is a strong cultural awareness element embodied in our work which is delivered through the main curriculum and through extra-curricular activities


All lessons must be based on the curriculum map designed for the teaching group.

Independent skills

The skills are described and included in the curriculum map of each year group.

Teachers must promote them every lesson. At the end of each half-term student must have their record sheet signed when they have meet the criteria over a period of time.

Books, files and marking

Pupils KS4 are issued with exercise books at the beginning of each year and a CGP workbook.

Pupils are expected to bring all books and files to every lesson.

Assessment, reporting and target setting

Formal assessment takes place regularly throughout the year in accordance with curriculum map. Students have two mock speaking exams and will complete two Pre-public exams in the year.

Informal assessment (grammar and vocabulary tests etc.) should be conducted regularly and at the class teachers’ discretion.


KS4 pupils have two allocated homework fortnightly. It is the normal expectation that at least one homework per fortnight will be used for formal exam skill practice, the other for vocabulary or grammar learning, reading, informal writing, or other appropriate tasks.