KS3 | Physical Education

Key Stage 3 Co-Ordinator: Corin Hosier

Key Stage Three Overview

Our Yr7 curriculum is taught in mixed ability, mixed gender groups and focuses on developing core skills that can be used across a range of activities. Pupils will be taught how to outwit opponents through a variety of team games e.g. handball, football, basketball and tag rugby.  All pupils also complete a unit of gymnastics and a unit of dance.  In Yr8 we develop more sport specific skills in football, rugby, basketball, netball, handball, gymnastics, trampolining, athletics, rounders, softball and cricket.  In Yr8 classes are taught as single-sex groups and, where appropriate, are also spilt in terms of ability.  Throughout KS3 pupils have 2 separate one hour lessons per week.

KS3 Assessments

For Yr7 and Yr8 they are given a “step” at the end of every unit of work

Pupils are given a score of 1-6 (including a, b and c sub-levels).

Most pupils are expected to make 4 sub-levels of progress from the start of Yr7 until the end of Yr8 (e.g. start of Yr7 = 1a End of Yr8 = 3c).  However, pupils can quickly get better at an activity the more they practise it.

To help make an accurate assessment at the start of Yr7 all pupils are assessed within their first few lessons performing in a team game activity and taking part in some basic fitness tests.  Although not perfect this does help to highlight the level of ability a pupil is likely to display.

For an overall assessment “steps” we take the pupils best score in a team game (football, netball, basketball, handball, rugby) and their best score in an individual activity (dance, gymnastics, table-tennis, badminton, trampolining, athletics, tennis) PLUS the next best “step” from either category.  The average of these 3 activities is given as the pupils overall “step”.